The new SacroLoc for the treatment of deep back pain

A new generation of the pelvic orthosis to relieve the sacroiliac joints

The next product generation of the SacroLoc is now available: the innovative pelvic orthosis to treat deep back pain has been launched with new materials and a new patented strap system. This will improve comfort and effectiveness.

The new SacroLoc support is made of soft, fully elastic mesh. It adapts to the body perfectly, fits securely during movement, and is easier to put on. The breathable design ensures improved management of heat and moisture.
The new non-elastic lattice straps are now deflected twice, exerting a higher tensile force to stabilize the pelvis and straighten the sacral bone. What is more, the straps are now individually connected with the dorsally fastened massage pads, and control them directly so that they can be positioned more precisely against the sacroiliac joints. The increased tensile force and precision of the strap system have been proven to enhance the relieving effect of the SacroLoc on the local ligaments. An experimental study by Hammer and Sichting (2014)[1] on the first generation showed that the sacroiliac joint ligaments are stretched less because the orthosis restricts nutation (tilting motion) of the sacral bone.

The new SacroLoc is lighter, flatter, and slimmer. It supports patients inconspicuously under their clothing during their daily activities, offering maximum freedom of movement. The sizing system has been adapted to the improved fit. From now, the orthosis will be available in seven sizes with corresponding strap lengths for a pelvic circumference from 70 to 140 centimeters.

[1] Sichting F et al: Pelvic Belt Effects on Sacroiliac Joint Ligaments: A Computational Approach to Understand Therapeutic Effects of Pelvic Belts. Pain Physician 2014; Vol.17:pp. 43-51.

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