Patients attest a strong feeling of protection

SecuTec Genu knee orthosis

SecuTec Genu is a useful component for the surgical and non-surgical treatment of the knee joint. This is the result of a case series with 72 patients who primarily received postoperative treatment, conducted by Dr. Hendrik Baum, Deputy Head of the Department for Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery at Altenburger Land Hospital, and Ingo Friedl, managing director of Sanitätshaus Altenburg GmbH. The physician was very pleased with the orthosis’ performance in 93 percent of treatments. In five cases during the assessment period, using the orthosis even helped to avoid planned surgery. The orthotist considered the individual adaptability of SecuTec Genu to be good or very good in 87.5 percent of cases. 95.8 percent of patients rated its wearing comfort as “good” to “very good.” Furthermore, it was confirmed by 98.6 percent of patients that the orthosis provides safe stabilization and a strong feeling of protection.

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